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Some key facts about rental credit checks

Evaluating the suitability of a tenant for property rental requires key areas of screening to be implemented, probably the most important of these is evaluating the tenant's identity, without this a landlord could be renting their property to anyone.

1 - Tenant identity

The very first step to any credit check is confirming the identity of the tenant, it is absolutely essential you confirm the tenant name and date of birth against a photo ID document, e.g. a passport of driving licence. Without carrying out this check the tenant could be giving you someone else's details to run a credit check on!

2 - Address history

The tenant will need to supply their address to enable a rental credit check to be carried out. Whilst Credit Check Services will always search for any undisclosed addresses we recommend that you request to see a copy of an official letter confirming the tenant's name and address. Examples of such documents are council tax letters, utility bill, mobile account invoice, etc.

3 - Employment / income

You need to know the tenant can afford the rental payments. Whilst it is not always clear what a person's total outgoings are it should be simple to verify their income. Ask to see a copy of their pay statement, benefits statement, and/or a copy of their bank statement to verify their income from employment or other sources.

4 - Choose a quality company for rental credit checks

Credit Check Services carries out a manual search for every tenant check. This involves verifying addresses, checking dates of birth, variations to a tenant's name, etc. If we find that data is inconsistent to allow a search to be properly carried out we refer back to the customer. We believe in quality which is why we have a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2008.


Some advice for tenants

There is no reason to fear of failure in passing a tenant check. The most fundamental factor for a tenant is honesty, if a tenant provides false information or misleads the landlord by withholding key information then there is quite likely that the landlord will not agree to a tenancy contract. Renting a property requires a great deal of trust by the landlord, as a tenant it is therefore key to demonstrate that you are trustworthy.

At Credit Check Services we provided 1000s of tenant checks every month, and quite often we find adverse information but this does not mean the landlord will refused a tenancy contract, in our experience it all comes down to honest and whether the prospective tenant has misled the landlord in any way.

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